The art of capturing time and emotions in one single image can be a hobby, a passion, or a profession for many people. We set an example of a photography project geared towards problem-solving and bringing life to our subjects.


fotografiatariq® was initially founded by Tariq Al Madanat Jaar, a young photographer from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Tariq developed an interest in photography in his early teens where he began taking photos of his friends and family with any device with a camera on it that he could get a hold of. He also liked to explore different places and capture the beauty of nature and culture.
On May 6th 2016, Tariq decided to buy his first Entry level DSLR camera. He developed a passion to improve his skills and learn more about photography. In response, he was enrolled in multiple courses on photography in his hometown Amman, Jordan. During these courses, Tariq learned the basics of photography such as lighting, composition, editing, and camera mechanics along with some of the major editing software in the digital industry in which Tariq was certified in using these powerful tools in order to produce more expressive content.
Tariq started to share his photos on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and began to read books on the matter to expand his knowledge. Eventually, an opportunity fell through where he was able to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography and Film Production at Bob Jones University of Greenville, South Carolina in the USA and was named to Dean’s List on May 21st 2020 — Click this link to see the full BJU Article.
Tariq then returned to San Pedro Sula, his city of residence in Honduras, after finishing his studies. In San Pedro he was able to venture with Lucía Villar, his right hand —  and childhood friend. They developed a network of aspiring artists and went to take on the world by exploring every inch of Honduras with a camera at hand.

Mission statement
fotografiatariq® is devoted to pushing the limits by generating measurable ROI by providing tailored solutions for each of our clients‘ needs through our talented team and our expertise in the visual medium.

Our Vision
“Fotografiatariq is truly an example of how a dream can become a reality with passion, skill, creativity, hard work, and ( more importantly ) dedication. the company is constantly growing and looking to step up as one of the leading photography service providers in all of Central America and is grateful to those who stood by it’s side and supported us during its early stages and to those who continue to do so till this day.” - Tariq Al Madanat Jaar

Core Values

Our first and most important value is Contribution, meaning that wherever we go, our priority is to leave a positive impact on its surrounding environment and the society we live in today.

Adaptability, we recognize the dynamics of our world and its need for change thus it is our goal to always find a way to guarantee value by working side by side with our clients.

Reliability, fotografiatariq® will be there to drive your business forward. No matter what.

Determination, regardless of how difficult a task may be, our talented team will conduct the most thorough research in order to achieve results that exceed both our clients’ expectations and our own.

Growth, we will drive your business forward through learning and collaboration with our passionate experts.

Transparency, our primary goal is to show our clients and stakeholders what matters to us most, that is generating revenue through investing in our clients as well as the world we live in today for the sake of our future generations to come.

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